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Harley Rouda is a businessman, philanthropist, and committed to public service. Harley and his wife Kaira, an international best selling author, have been married for 32 years and have four wonderful children. As a businessman, Harley has created thousands of jobs through his leadership, vision, and hard work.


In 2018, he ran for office because he believed then, as he does now, that we need people in office who are wiling to work across the aisle and actually do the work that Americans expect from their elected officials. And against all odds, he beat a 30-year incumbent. 


In Congress, Harley was the most legislatively productive new member. Harley also delivered more tax dollars back to the District than anyone before or after. As the Chair of the Oversight’s Subcommittee on the Environment, he delivered to the Biden Administration the blueprint for tackling Climate Change 


Now, Harley is running in one of the toughest — and most important — House races in the country. He is the only democratic candidate who lives in the District and who has won a Congressional Primary Election [not to mention a Congressional General Election]. 

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